Dear Partners and Exhibitors,


Academy For Silent Mentor (AFSM) Tripartite Conference 2018 Organizing Committee would like to cordially invite you to participate in this prestigious event, which will be held at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK), Sarawak, Malaysia from 12 – 15 Dec 2018.


AFSM Tripartite Conference 2018 consists of three tracks of scientific programs, which integrate science, innovation and minds for precision healthcare. The broad and in-depth exchange of ideas and innovation will deliver a unique and challenging experience to our delegates.


Being the 5th Academic Conference for the Asian Society of Cryosurgery, it is also the first time that the esteemed Society holds the conference outside China with a pre-conference live cryosurgery and microwave ablation workshops. This conference aims to focus on the forefront of academic development, strengthen academic exchanges at home and abroad, popularises the clinical application of new minimally invasive technologies and cryosurgery to lead the comprehensive development of it in Asia. It will bring together many leading experts in the field of oncology and update the latest reports on cryosurgery.


The second track, the Inaugural Conference on Cancer Innovation will focus on the latest development in the field of stem cells and cellular therapy / immunotherapy for cancer patients. Moreover, the conference will also incorporate various forms of minimally invasive therapy for cancer treatment, including the latest development in Nano knife, radiofrequency ablation and photodynamic treatment. This will also cover the topics on the use of Radiomics incorporating genomics and proteomics as a diagnostic and prognostic tool in medicine. Further developments in phytochemical cancer research will also be updated by various universities.


The third track, the Inaugural Conference on Humanity, Bioethics and Medical Outreach, is the first of its kind incorporating the mind with science in the field of medical humanity, including the medical outreach program in Malaysia and surrounding regions. This conference will be co-hosted by the UNESCO BIOETHICS Chair. We anticipate participation of various Non-Governmental Organizations which are active in the provision of medical outreach program and social support. In supporting the event, there will be a TED Talks program inviting various organization to contribute to this mind sharing session.


With an estimated attendance of 400 practitioners, professionals, academia and public sectors within the medical sciences, social sciences and NGO from all over the Asia Pacific region, this will be an ideal platform for your organization to stage a spectacular and unforgettable brand presence to AFSM Tripartite Conference delegates.


By participating as an Exhibitor, you will enjoy an unparalleled opportunity to meet delegates face to face and conduct marketing and promotional activities.


By participating as an Exclusive Partner, you will enjoy a rare opportunity to expand your organization’s visibility within the many circles of executive leadership in attendance at the Conference and digital world through website linkages. You will invariable raise your company profile and hence stand apart from your competitors.


The quality of global linkages and its delegates and the precise nature of the topics covered will make AFSM Tripartite Conference 2018 your ideal marketing platform.


Above all, we are dedicated to delivering a world-class AFSM Tripartite Conference 2018 and ensuring all our partners the same success.


We look forward to working closely with you.

Prof. Dr Kin Fah Chin

Conference President,

AFSM Tripartite Conference 2018

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