Abstract Submission

The organising committee for the AFSM Tripartite Conference (AFSM 2018) would like to invite prospective authors to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations at the Conference. The committee particularly encourages graduate students to participate in the Conference. Abstract submissions will be closed on 15th Nov 2018.

Conference theme:

Integrating Science, Innovation and Minds for Precision Healthcare

In the online abstract submission system, please select one of the below Conferences for your submission:

  1. 5th Academy Conference For Asian Society Of Cryosurgery

  2. Inaugural Conference On Cancer Innovation


All abstracts will be reviewed and assigned to an appropriate session. Authors of the accepted abstracts will be notified of the methods of presentations as follow:

abstract table.jpg

Abstract submitters may choose their preferred method of presentation upon abstract submission. However, the final decision lies with the Scientific Committee.

Guidelines and Terms and Conditions for Abstract Submissions

Participants wishing to make a presentation on the results of their recent research are cordially invited to submit an abstract according to the following instructions.


Abstract Content:

The abstract should be informative and stand alone in its content and meaning. It should include a brief introduction, methods used, key results, brief discussion and a conclusion. The abstract will be reviewed based on technical merit, scientific contribution and relevance under the chosen theme.  

General Format and Requirements for Abstract Submissions:

The abstract format is automated by the online abstract submission system. Submitters are required to follow the instructions upon submitting abstracts via the online abstract submission portal. 

Important Notes for Submitters:

  • Submissions should be sent electronically via the conference website ONLY.

  • Submissions should be written in English with a maximum of 300 words.

  • Each presenter may submit a maximum of FIVE abstracts.

  • Submissions should be thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar before submission as they will be reproduced as submitted by author.

  • Changes will not be entertained once the abstract has been submitted via the online submission system.

  • Submitters are advised to seek assistance to proof read the abstract if English is not their first language.

  • It is the sole responsibility of the authors to ensure accuracy of scientific content and language.

  • The abstract should not contain graphics or references.

  • Please use abbreviations with restraint.


Consent, Permission & Copyright:

Submitters must conform to the following:

  • To accept responsibility for the accuracy of the submitted abstract and understand that amendment is not allowed once it is submitted via the online abstract submission system and information provided will be published exactly as submitted.

  • All co-authors are aware of and give consent to the content of the abstract and data presented before it is submitted. The submitter accepts responsibility as the contact person for all correspondence about the abstract and to share information with all authors about its status.

  • Submission of abstracts implies the author’s agreement to publish the abstract in all Conference publications including the website, i.e. submitters are responsible to secure any copyright/permissions clearance required relating to any previous presentations, equipment or other material for inclusion in the AFSM 2018 Conference publications.

  • Submitters are responsible to obtain permission from any relevant regulatory authority and obtain consent where appropriate.

  • Submitters are responsible to ensure the work is original and that it does not infringe upon any copyright, proprietary or personal right of party.

  • Submitters are responsible to identify and sort out any potential conflicts of interest e.g. financial interest in products or processes described in the presentation materials, stock ownership, and membership on an advisory board or board of directors or other substantive relationships.

  • Upon completing the online abstract submission, the submitter will be asked to confirm that the presenting author has read and understood the general information and the requirements he/she is expected to fulfil.


Condition of Acceptance

  • It is a pre-requisite of the acceptance of the abstract that the submitter must register to attend the Conference and present the work orally or as an e-poster. Abstracts submitted before payment of registration are eligible for an offer of acceptance. However, final acceptance requires registration by the deadline of 1st Dec 2018.

  • All authors must attend the conference at least on the day of their presentation. Acceptance of abstracts does not imply any payment by the Conference Committee. Authors must arrange and pay for their own accommodation, travel etc. to attend the Conference.

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