About AFSM

Academy for Silent Mentor (AFSM), founded by Prof. Dr Chin Kin Fah on 29 March 2017, is a self-sustaining and not-for-profit educational institution, with a broad vision to make a positive change in healthcare and in the values of healthcare professionals and society beyond.


The mission of AFSM includes:

  • To promote the social trend of body donation for medical teaching and research in a multi-cultural and multi-faith society in Malaysia.

  • To enhance the standards of medical education, training and research.

  • To raise the standard of skill-set among healthcare professionals through liberal arts.

  • To facilitate the development of excellent bio-ethics and medical humanity among health care and other professionals.


These aims are supported by the acts of i-Silent Mentors, an umbrella term used to describe our body pledgers, fund donors, volunteers, or in fact anyone who believes wholeheartedly in our core values. AFSM is a multifaceted organisation with multiple educational initiatives in partnership with a broader group of learning institutions. AFSM runs workshops such as body dissection, medical procedures, surgical and radiological based training on a regular basis; many of these in collaboration with international and regional professional bodies. ASFM also has a research arm which allows for research students and fellows to carry out research activities in relation to the Silent Mentor program and other areas of needed research in Health. We run a regular fellowship program whereby fellows from other countries, especially third world countries, will be accepted for surgical training.


Furthermore, AFSM enables the 'Giving Beyond' medical outreach program as a medium for our students and volunteers to give back to those most in need in society. In this program, a minimum of 4 visits per year are organized to areas of need (recently the inner tribes of Kanowit and Kapit, Sarawak) to provide health checks, screening and education to the local population. All these activities are supported by our state of the art training centres in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur and Kuching, Sarawak.


The main brainchild of AFSM is the i-Silent Mentor Program, a national body donation program, which serves to achieve the aims set forth by AFSM through the selfless, altruistic acts of voluntary body donors.


These body donors or 'Silent Mentors' not only donate their bodies but also their life stories and values as a teaching tool for liberal arts and humanity education, and as such, this program is unique in that it benefits the participants in learning soft skills in a holistic environment.


Furthermore, through rapid freezing technology for our Silent Mentors, we are able to offer a surgical dissection model that is comparable to operating on a live human being to facilitate realistic surgical training without risk to the patient. In addition, we also use soft body intra-arterial embalmment technique to preserve our silent mentors for anatomical dissection modules over a prolonged period of contribution to medical science and education.


The program has been supported through a charitable trust fund through public donation and private social responsibilities initiative. It is governed by a Board of Directors and Board of Ethicists and Humanitarian pro bono public; both local and international members, an executive committee and administration team.

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